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Drew drinking a cup of coffee
Drew drinking a cup of coffee

I’m Drew Goretzka, a journalist hailing from the small town of Portage, Michigan. My journalism career started at just 13-years-old, when I founded the “Goretzka Gazette” in my dad’s office. It only ran for two issues, but it cemented my interest in the field.

I’m currently a senior at Michigan State University, majoring in journalism with a focus in international reporting and minoring in public relations.

While at MSU I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of a wide variety of student organizations that have helped shape me into the journalist and person I am today. I’ve served in the past as investigative reporter and data reporter for The State News – one of the only independent newspapers left in the country. In the past year I've served in a pair of leadership roles: city desk editor and later managing editor. I currently serve as second-in-command of all editorial operations at the paper, and I cherish the opportunity to lead a staff of over 60 reporters, photographers, designers and editors to continue the phenomenal coverage we're known for.

I previously served as a reporting intern for Automotive News, initially as part of the Dow Jones News Fund Business Reporting Program. This experience has opened a swath of new opportunities in the exciting realm of business journalism.

Outside of MSU and my reporting, I serve as a paralegal specialist for the Michigan Army National Guard. In this role I’ve gotten the opportunity to travel some of the world, being a part of a 2020 deployment to Kosovo, in central Europe.

When I’m not working you can find me planning my next trip, trying out a new recipe or taking in some generally discouraging Detroit sports.

Drew in military uniform in Kosovar mountains