Vehicle flipped, multiple fires in Cedar Village after MSU football win

Lauren Snyder | The State News

Published October 30, 2021 | Link to story

Following Michigan State football’s win over Michigan, students and fans flooded the streets across East Lansing in celebration.

Final: MSU 37 Michigan 33

— Drew Goretzka (@DrewGoretzka) October 30, 2021

Cedar Village, an apartment complex bordering Bogue Street near the East end of MSU's campus, became the scene of a massive crowd that eventually flipped at least one car and started at least one fire.

The crowd initially formed on Cedar Street, a few hundred yards away from Grand River Avenue. Fans from the area converged in the middle of the street, chanting MSU’s fight song.

Emerging crowd making their way down the street towards Grand River Avenue @thesnews

— Drew Goretzka (@DrewGoretzka) October 30, 2021

A number of attempts were made to light furniture on fire, but were foiled by both the wet weather and the police confiscating at least one piece of furniture.

First couch is brought out, but police promptly carry it away @thesnews

— Drew Goretzka (@DrewGoretzka) October 30, 2021

The crowd then moved to the center of the complex, at this point numbering in the hundreds. Smoke emerged from an unknown source in the middle. Once again, attempts were made to burn pieces of furniture.

Smoke coming from an unknown source in middle of crowd @thesnews

— Drew Goretzka (@DrewGoretzka) October 30, 2021

Approximately 30 minutes after the game ended, a vehicle was flipped on its side in the northern part of the crowd, sparking uproar. Fans climbed on top of the vehicle, and multiple kicked the windshield and doors. The owner of the vehicle is currently unknown.

A vehicle has been flipped. Students currently celebrating atop and kicking in the windshield. @thesnews

— Drew Goretzka (@DrewGoretzka) October 30, 2021

The vehicle was flipped upside down shortly after, and fans once more climbed on top of it.

Two fireworks were set off near the vehicle, causing many to flee the area. The fans who stayed continued to climb atop and taking pictures with the overturned vehicle.

While the car was on its side, students proceeded to kick the windshield. There was an altercation between two students, one who was kicking the windshield and a second who was trying to urge first to stop.

Aftermath. Firework was set off near car. Much of the crowd left after. @thesnews

— Drew Goretzka (@DrewGoretzka) October 30, 2021

At approximately 5 p.m, one hour after the game had ended, police began to clear the area. A few small projectiles, such as bottles and cans were thrown at police, although no one was hit. At that point, most of the crowd had dispersed.

At least one student was arrested for kicking the car after police arrived on the scene.

Prior to the weekend, the City of East Lansing and MSU urged students to remain civil and act responsibly.

Police have arrived on scene. Cedar Village getting quiet as people leave the premises. @thesnews

— Drew Goretzka (@DrewGoretzka) October 30, 2021